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ASUS ZenBook professional/gaming laptop
ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 Q538EI

This feature-packed ASUS professional laptop brings the best of both worlds: portability and performance.  One of my favorite features is this laptop’s ability to act as a tablet.  Not only does it have a touchscreen, but it also “flips,” meaning you can fold it in half and hold it much like you would with a tablet. Using it in this fashion makes it comfortable if you’re just reading or, for the graphic artists out there, makes drawing on the computer easy without the use of an external drawing tablet.

Another notable feature is a 4K display, which even most gaming laptops do not possess unless you pay a major premium.  Your eyes will thank you for the improved clarity when you’re staring at a screen for so long. In addition, the keyboard is backlit, so no more straining your eyes to see your keys in low lighting (or using your screen to illuminate your keys!).

Speaking of gaming laptops, this one possesses a dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti Max-Q graphics card, so on your days off, you can get your game on.  Dedicated graphics cards also aid in processing images and videos if needed for your work tasks, so it’s a win-win no matter what kind of day it is.

You can check out all the other specifications for this professional laptop (and your buying options) in this link*.


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